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For FION’s litigation clients, in mediation, arbitration, or trial, our analyses are incisive and compelling.

For FION’s clients serving the private or public sectors, our research helps them serve their clients and citizens memorably.

And for FION’s clients seeking enhanced professional knowledge, our teaching is both technically sound and intuitively accessible.

Throughout all our work, we heed rigor, clarity, and brevity.

Project Analysis

FION thrives on analyzing large bodies of information, evaluating public policy, and providing solutions for complex problems.

Ed Whitelaw, the head of FION and Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon, has excelled for decades at applying economics creatively in depth and breadth while grounding it solidly in the professional literature. The FION team has excelled at working with a wide range of clients on diverse projects. Our clients have included: plaintiffs and defendants; cities, counties, states, regional governments; Native American Confederations and Nations, and Federal agencies. Our projects have included: commercial, individual, and natural resource damages; valuing environmental assets including lakes, rivers, estuaries, and forested mountains; and evaluating opportunity costs among alternatives faced by for-profit and not-for-profit firms, and institutions.

Litigation Support

Ed Whitelaw has testified for over forty years on economic matters in federal, state and circuit courts, state legislatives, and U.S. Senate and House hearings, as well as in administrative proceedings. During the decades Whitelaw has testified, he has not yet been disqualified.

Besides expert testimony, FION offers consulting and research to law firms or other organizations preparing economic arguments in a legal context. This includes helping less experienced economists craft testimony that is technically sound while intuitively accessible.

FION and Whitelaw Professional Education

FION looks forward to resuming in-person presentations and webinars for diverse audiences including attorneys and other professionals, chambers of commerce and other business associations, and community leaders and legislators.

Whitelaw has taught economics for over 50 years. He expresses complex concepts succinctly and accessibly for a wide range of audiences. He has spent his career examining topics from urban and regional systems, large and small markets and economies, environmental and natural resource economics, and the effects of current and proposed public policy. He is a skilled educator and commentator on local and national economic issues.

We publish results for clients in the format best suited to their needs, from informal memos to formal documents meeting the standards of courts, legislatures, and administrative and Congressional hearings.

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In 1974 Ed Whitelaw founded ECONorthwest. In late 2016, he left ECONW to found and run FION. The two firms share office space in Eugene and work closely together.


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